Moscow’s nine-year war on Ukraine took a dangerous turn with its full-scale invasion in February 2022. Vladimir Putin’s invasion prompted the United States, NATO, and the European Union to undertake far more energetic measures to support Ukraine and protect themselves against the Kremlin’s revanchist goals. As Moscow’s vaunted 2023 offensive stalls around Bakhmut, and as Ukraine prepares for a new counteroffensive, the question arises as to what impact the Alliance’s Vilnius Summit in July will have on the war, as well as on broader security in Europe and beyond.

A new Atlantic Council memo to NATO leaders written by Ian Brzezinski, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy, and Amb. Alexander Vershbow, former NATO Deputy Secretary General and US ambassador to NATO and Russia, offers wide ranging steps for NATO to implement in Vilnius to help Ukraine win, ensure its long-term stability, and protect Europe against further Kremlin aggression that directly threatens US and allied vital interests.

What steps should the West take for Ukraine to win the war? What should NATO do in Vilnius to vouch for Ukraine’s long-term security and stability? What steps should NATO take to ensure its own defenses against Moscow’s revisionist objectives?

Opening remarks by


H.E. Mariusz Błaszczak
Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland;
Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Poland

Gen. (ret.) Philip Breedlove
Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe

H.E. Gabrielius Landsbergis
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

H.E. Olha Stefanishyna
Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine

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