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Mar 24, 2022

‘All options are on the table’ for eastern flank, says US Permanent Representative to NATO 

By Katherine Walla

At an Atlantic Council Front Page event, Julianne Smith laid out ways the United States and its allies can face up to Russia and strengthen European security.

Conflict Crisis Management

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has resulted in the largest war in Europe since 1945 and upended the post-Cold War security order. As Ukraine fights back against the invasion, the United States and NATO allies and partners have led a comprehensive response to the invasion, diplomatically and economically isolating Russia while aiding Ukraine with vital humanitarian and military aid. At the same time NATO has bolstered its own deterrence and defense, with many European allies pledging major increases in defense spending and contributions of troops to NATO’s frontlines. As the Russian war in Ukraine enters a new phase, leaders from each NATO ally met in Brussels to prepare the Alliance to challenge the ongoing aggression from Russia and continue to support Ukraine.

United States Permanent Representative to NATO, Ambassador Julianne Smith, joined the Atlantic Council on March 23, 2022 to preview the extraordinary NATO Summit on March 24. The moderated discussion addressed how the United States is working with its NATO allies and partners to respond to the security crisis in Europe, reinforcing the Alliance’s posture to defend every inch of NATO territory, and providing aid to Ukraine.

The Scowcroft Center’s Transatlantic Security Initiative presented this live event as part of the Atlantic Council’s #ACFrontPage event series, our premier ideas platform spotlighting global leaders and championing constructive solutions to global challenges. The Transatlantic Security Initiative shapes and influences the debate on the greatest security challenges facing the North Atlantic Alliance and its key partners.

An #ACFrontPage Event

Atlantic Council Front Page is our premier live ideas platform for global leaders to discuss the defining challenges of our time. #ACFrontPage is a high-level event series featuring top newsmakers across multiple digital platforms. Harnessing the convening power and expertise of the Council’s sixteen programs and centers, #ACFrontPage leverages the Council’s capabilities in social media, press, and digital outreach to spotlight the world’s most prominent leaders and the most compelling ideas across sectors and engage new audiences eager for nonpartisan and constructive solutions to current global challenges. This widely promoted program features the Council’s most important guests and content serving as the highlight of our programming.


The Honorable Julianne Smith

US Permanent Representative
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

In conversation with

Nick Schifrin

Foreign affairs and defense correspondent
NewsHour, PBS

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