Join the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center on Tuesday, April 20 at 4 PM EDT for a timely public discussion with international leaders working to advance energy equity for marginalized communities and address environmental racism.

President Biden has placed both environmental and energy justice at the top of his political agenda, creating new posts and task forces to address historic and present inequities impacting minority and marginalized communities with regard to access to clean air, clean water, green space, reliable electricity, clean energy, and energy-efficient infrastructure. These disparities have lasting and pervasive consequences, and growing national calls for racial justice and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought to light the systemic health impacts of siting policies that placed minority communities on the fenceline of polluting industries and heavy transport arteries. These issues extend far beyond the United States to nations across the world such as Canada and Australia, and international leaders should cultivate global dialogue around these issues to develop positive, inclusive solutions to environmental and energy injustice and create a more equitable world as the energy transition accelerates.

As the energy transition takes off, it is imperative that the benefits of cleantech, green employment, and renewable energy reach every demographic in society. Clean energy should be made affordable and available to all, and green power projects should enfranchise local populations as participating stakeholders. What steps can policymakers and energy leaders take to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable are met and issues of injustice are addressed as the world transitions to a cleaner energy system?

This event is part of the Atlantic Council “Raising Ambitions” events series, which focuses on the higher climate ambitions that the Biden Administration hopes to realize at home and abroad. It will evaluate key technologies critical to helping reach these goals, emphasize sectoral approaches to decarbonization, and highlight countries increasing their commitments to climate action. The aim is to build momentum in advance of the summit and encourage increased ambition from public and private sector actors.

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A conversation with

Shannon Baker-Branstetter
Deputy Director of Policy
Dream Corps Green For All

Clinton Britt
Grove Climate Group

The Honorable Omar Narvaez
Council Member
City of Dallas

Dr. Suzanne Singer
Executive Director
Native Renewables

The Honorable Lenore Zann MP
Member of Parliament (Liberal)
Cumberland-Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada

Moderated by

Terzah Tippin Poe
ICS | TRIO Global Solutions;
Harvard Kennedy School Arctic Initiative

Raising Ambitions


Surrounding the Leaders Summit on Climate, the Raising Ambitions event series will feature discussions on key steps to increase ambitions to exceed climate goals ahead of COP26.

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