Since the end of the 1990s, Russian President Vladimir Putin has worked with a cadre of oligarchs to secure political and economic power in Russia. Dr. Anders Åslund, a leading expert on post-Soviet economies and societies, served as a senior adviser to the Russian government from 1991-1994, working under President Boris Yeltsin and Acting Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar to transition the Soviet economy to a democratic and capitalist system. As the foundation was laid for what would become the modern Russian system—dubbed “crony capitalism”—Åslund had a front-row seat to the Kremlin’s decision-making process, and has unique insight into the forces and personalities at this critical moment in Russia’s history.

This event is designed to be a question-and-answer session, with viewers highly encouraged to submit their questions for Dr. Åslund to answer live. The discussion is moderated by Eurasia Center Deputy Director Melinda Haring.


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