The Africa Center’s inaugural Strategic Session’s dialogue series highlights tremendous security and development challenges (from civil wars to terrorist threats and maritime piracy) that seriously affect Africa’s future, particularly the increasing spread of jihadist movements. Aligning with the first pillar of the Africa Center’s mission, the Rule of Law – covers the Horn, the Sahel, and the Great Lakes. These regions require a powerful and just answer, from defense and counter-terrorism actions to development tools. Through this series, the Africa Center pays a specific attention to the respect of sovereignty of African nations and the needs of local communities, which include food insecurity and climate issues. The conversation features valuable perspectives, the hon. Deputy Assistant Secretary Chidi Blyden of the US Department of Defense for African Affairs

Please find the recordings of the discussion with Secretary Blyden below.


Mrs. Chidi Blyden
Deputy Assistant Secretary of African Affairs
US Department of Defense

Dr. Ahmed Charai
Board Member
Atlantic Council

H.E. Kiari Liman Tinguiri
The Republic of Niger to the United States


Ambassador Rama Yade
Senior Director
Africa Center

The Africa Center works to promote dynamic geopolitical partnerships with African states and to redirect US and European policy priorities toward strengthening security and bolstering economic growth and prosperity on the continent.