A View from Iraq: A Conversation with Iraqi MP Sarkawt Shamsulddin

August 6, 2019 - 12:00 pm

1030 15th Street NW, 12th Floor (West Tower Elevator) 
Washington, DC

With a new Kurdistan Regional Government in place, the Atlantic Council’s Iraq Initiative invites you to join us for a conversation with Iraqi Council of Representatives Member Sarkawt Shamsulddin to hear a view from Iraq. In 2018, Shamsulddin became the youngest member of the Iraqi parliament, securing the top position of the New Generation Movement in Sulaymaniyah Province. He is now one of the leaders of The Future parliamentary bloc and a member of the Iraqi-American Friendship Committee.

The discussion topics will include how Iraq views the tensions between the United States and Iran, how the new Kurdistan Regional Government cabinet is re-setting relations with Baghdad, and what can be done to promote reforms, counter corruption, and build bridges between civil society organizations in Baghdad in Erbil.


Mr. Sarkawt Shamsulddin


Council of Representatives of Iraq

Moderated by:

Dr. Abbas Kadhim

Senior Fellow and Director, Iraq Initiative

Atlantic Council


Sarkawt Shamsulddin is a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives. He is a member of the Future Parliamentary Group, deputy chairman of the Civil Society Committee, and a member of the Iraq-United States Friendship Committee. He was a co-founder of the New Generation Movement. He previously was Washington bureau chief for NRT News TV and worked with US Embassy Baghdad in as a political and cultural advisor. He holds a master’s degree in public policy from Virginia Tech University. 

Abbas Kadhim leads the Atlantic Council Iraq Initiative. He is an Iraq expert and author of Reclaiming Iraq: The 1920 Revolution and the Founding of the Modern State. Most recently, he was a senior foreign policy fellow at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He was formerly an assistant professor of national security affairs and Middle East studies at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a visiting assistant professor at Stanford University. He also previously held a senior government affairs position at the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, DC. His books include Governance in the Middle East and North Africa and The Hawza Under Siege: Studies in the Ba’th Party Archive. He earned a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.