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Mon, Apr 27, 2020

Financial markets pressure likely to force additional European action soon

Markets are likely to test the resolve of policymakers to preserve the monetary union in the upcoming months, and the risk of a series of funding shocks remains elevated.

New Atlanticist by Bart Oosterveld

Coronavirus European Union

Wed, Apr 22, 2020

The pandemic’s next stop: The financial system

The peak of bank failures closures during the Global Financial Crisis happened two years after the collapse of real estate prices—there is an argument that there may be some time before the financial sector’s reserves are depleted. The wider picture however shows gyrating equity and commodity markets, very high unemployment, and a fragmented ‘reopening’ picture. All in all, the moment of the need for a meaningful injection of capital, whether from private markets or from the taxpayers, is approaching.

New Atlanticist by Bart Oosterveld

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Wed, Apr 1, 2020

Europe needs a quick economic coronavirus response: The ESM can provide it

A rapid and flexible deployment of the €410 billion lending capacity of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is urgently needed to support the policy initiatives launched to combat the coronavirus crisis throughout Europe. The sooner the Eurogroup of finance ministers can return to something akin to this sensible compromise position suggested by its President Mario Centeno last week, the better.

New Atlanticist by Bart Oosterveld

Coronavirus European Union

Bart Oosterveld is an independent advisor to companies and governments in the areas of macroeconomic, credit, and country risk. He was Director of the Global Business & Economics Program at the Atlantic Council until December 2019. In the latter capacity, he led the Council’s work on global trade, growth, and finance, including the Council’s flagship EuroGrowth and Economic Sanctions initiatives.

Prior to joining the Atlantic Council in November 2017, Mr. Oosterveld worked at Moody’s Investors Service for almost two decades. In his most recent role as chief credit officer, Mr. Oosterveld was responsible for the credit strategy in the Americas across all asset classes. Between 2010 and 2014, Mr. Oosterveld served as the rating agency’s global head of sovereign ratings. Among other positions, he served as chair of the company’s Macroboard, its chief credit officer for governmental ratings, as well as management representative to the Moody’s Corporation’s board of directors.

Mr. Oosterveld graduated with degrees in the philosophy of law and the history of Spanish literature from the University of Amsterdam. He holds master’s degrees in public policy from Columbia University and in economics from Georgetown University. He speaks Dutch, Spanish, English, German and French.