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Thu, Jul 1, 2021

Policy memo: A digital agenda for the Three Seas Initiative Summit

The Three Seas nations should invest in digital infrastructure, nurture emerging technologies, and amplify the region's voice on policy. Here's how.

New Atlanticist by Frances Burwell, Jörn Fleck, James Batchik, and Luka Ignac

Central Europe Digital Policy

Wed, Mar 31, 2021

Burwell discusses the EU’s Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act in Wilson Center article

Distinguished Fellow Frances G. Burwell discusses the EU’s Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act in “Regulating Platforms the EU Way? The DSA and DMA in Transatlantic Context” for The Wilson Center. Burwell argues that for all their differences, both pieces of legislation raise important questions about how the European Union and the United States […]

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Mon, Feb 1, 2021

Free speech and online content: What can the US learn from Europe?

Congress will certainly take on reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, but it should not just focus on the companies and their responsibilities. Legislators should take a good, hard look in the mirror. They must provide the guidelines that are central to reducing violent extremist content online: rules on acceptable versus forbidden online speech.

New Atlanticist by Frances Burwell

Digital Policy Europe & Eurasia

Frances G. Burwell is a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council and a senior director at McLarty Associates. Until January 2017, she served as vice president, European Union and Special Initiatives, at the Council. She has served as director of the Council’s Program on Transatlantic Relations, and as interim director of the Global Business and Economics Program, and currently directs the Transatlantic Digital Marketplace Initiative. Her work focuses on the European Union and US-EU relations as well as a range of transatlantic economic, political, and defense issues. She is a member of the Advisory Board of Allied for Startups.

Her most recent report is Engaging Europe: A Transatlantic Digital Agenda for the Biden Administration. Among her other publications are: The European Union and the Search for Digital Sovereignty: Building “Fortress Europe” or Preparing for a New World? (co-authored); Making America First in the Digital Economy: The Case for Engaging Europe (2018); After Brexit: Alternate Forms of Brexit and their Implications (co-authored); Europe in 2022: Alternative Futures (co-authored with Mathew Burrows); A Transatlantic Approach to Europe’s East: Relaunching the Eastern Partnership; Shoulder to Shoulder: Forging a Strategic US-EU Partnership; Rethinking the Russia Reset; and Transatlantic Leadership for a New Global Economy. She is also a frequent commentator on European politics and transatlantic relations, with interviews and op-eds appearing in the Huffington Post, Handelsblatt Global Edition, Financial Times, al-Jazeera, BBC, National Public Radio, CNBC, CCTV, among others.