Songyee Jung is a commerce and energy researcher at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, where she is responsible for analyzing the development of US trade and energy policies to determine what impact various legislative, regulatory, and marketplace initiatives will have on the global energy demand trends and South Korea, one of the world’s leading energy importers. Songyee works closely with senior-level diplomats to strengthen bilateral cooperation on energy technologies, ranging from LNG, EVs, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to nuclear reactors. She also helps manage a portfolio of key trade, investment, and commercial issues.

Prior to joining the Korean Embassy, she worked as a consultant at the Climate Investment Funds to provide market research and analysis of sixty-eight low-income countries, associate at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in North American Representative Office, and emerging market researcher at Synergy Efficiency Solutions, an energy service company (ESCO) in Indonesia, where she explored debt financing, crowdfunding, and other financing opportunities from local financial institutions to support energy efficiency projects in Southeast Asia.

Songyee received an MA in International Development Studies, focusing on energy and environmental policy, from George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs and a BA in International Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin.