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Vicente Garcia was the senior director of Events and External Affairs at the Atlantic Council – a foreign policy think-tank based in Washington, DC. Vicente’s portfolio included managing the organization’s 650+ global events a year in addition to having founded and manage its Ambassador Leadership Council with over 80 ambassadors, overseeing the Atlantic Council’s outreach and engagement with members of Congress and senior congressional staffers, and leading its efforts on diversity & inclusion such as with the launch of the LGBTI Advisory Council consisting of the full community of LGBTI US ambassadors and the first fellowship for LGBTI leaders in foreign policy. Vicente specializes in protocol and has worked with hundreds of heads of state/government and cabinet ministers. Prior to the Atlantic Council, Vicente worked at a variety of domestic and international organizations, including the Center for American Progress, World Security Institute, and European Peacebuilding Liaison Office in Brussels, Belgium. He served as program director at Americans for Informed Democracy and is accredited to developing global programs on international security, including regional projects in the Middle East/North Africa, and launched programs to strengthen civil society, promote human rights, and advance democracy development throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Vicente received his bachelor’s degree in government and philosophy from Georgetown University and his master’s degree in international conflict analysis from the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS).