On July 24, Aleksandra Gadzala Tirziu and Amy K. Mitchell co-authored a National Interest piece opining that Washington’s efforts to “thaw” strained relations with Beijing is inadvertently emboldening the CCP’s coercive and malign endeavors.

The pair detail Europe’s shifting foreign policy in regard to the CCP, citing numerous European officials’ and institutions’ stance of simultaneously referring to Beijing as a “partner” and “systemic rival”. This hesitancy, coupled with the United States’ frequent attempts to mend ties with the regime, may very well enable President Xi to achieve his aims of reshaping the world order in China’s image.

With Europe wavering, US partners edging closer to Beijing, and a US administration intent on engagement for engagement’s sake, China has carte blanche to do what it likes when it likes. Steadily, Xi is reshaping the rules-based international order with impunity.

Aleksandra Gadzala Tirziu & Amy K. Mitchell

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