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The NATO summit in Vilnius is coming to an end. What promises will Ukrainian President Zelenskyy take home with him? Sveriges Radio speaks to Anna Wieslander, Director for Northern Europe.

“Stoltenberg said that there is a new chapter between NATO and Ukraine. Is it that new?”

“‘No, you can understand the Ukrainian disappointment. What they wanted in the first place was an invitation. Already in 2008, NATO said that Ukraine would become a member, so in that way it is nothing new. Now various steps have been taken so that Ukraine can work closer to NATO, but the timing is still uncertain”, says Anna Wieslander.

“What does NATO’s inability to provide greater support to a country in Europe that is at war, tell us about NATO as an organization?”

“It reflects the fact that there is a relatively large division within NATO regarding Ukraine and the future”, says Anna Wieslander.

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