Radio Sweden, Studio Ett

On January 23, Anna Wieslander, Director for Northern Europe, was interviewed by Radio Sweden, “Studio Ett” following Turkey’s parliament’s approval of Sweden’s accession to NATO.

In response to the question of what Sweden’s role will be in NATO, Anna Wieslander highlights three important points:

  1. Sweden will be a crucial country militarily in the security of Northern Europe and in supporting the defense of our Baltic neighbors, Poland, and Finland. Sweden has already been able to prepare because, with the invitation to NATO, it is already to some extent involved in practical NATO work.
  2. Sweden has a significant defense industry. Important discussions are currently ongoing on how to increase production and continue supporting Ukraine, and how to better equip ourselves to deter Russia in this situation.
  3. There are also expectations for Sweden, as the largest Nordic country with a prominent role in the UN, to contribute politically to security policy issues.

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