Jan 16, 2022

Calls grow within Germany for tougher stance towards Putin’s Russia

By Alexander Motyl

German foreign policy experts have published an appeal demanding Germany’s Russia policy be fundamentally changed from tacit encouragement to open resistance of Vladimir Putin’s expansionist designs.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 14, 2022

Russia’s other European invasion

By Tom Tugendhat

From London to Athens and far beyond, bankers, lawyers, lobbyists, and former officials have all been snapped up by the Kremlin and its allies.

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Jan 9, 2022

From Kazakhstan to Belarus, aftershocks of Soviet collapse continue

By Alesia Rudnik

The crisis is Kazakhstan is a reminder that more than thirty years since the USSR ceased to exist, the aftershocks of authoritarian empire continue to shape the geopolitical landscape from Minsk to Almaty.

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Dec 23, 2021

Ukraine enters holiday season with anti-corruption reforms in danger

By Tetiana Shevchuk

As Ukrainians prepare for the festive holiday season, the country’s anti-corruption reforms are in grave danger after a designated selection panel refused to approve the appointment of the country’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor.

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Britain Debrief

Dec 16, 2021

#BritainDebrief – Is corruption threatening Britain? A debrief from Helena Wood

By Ben Judah

On this episode of #BritainDebrief, RUSI's Helena Wood joins Ben Judah for a discussion on the threat of corruption to the UK's national security.

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Dec 16, 2021

Global Sanctions Dashboard: Holiday Edition

By Julia Friedlander, Michael Albanese, Maia Nikoladze and Castellum.AI

The Global Sanctions Dashboard aims to inform economic statecraft policies by analyzing sanctions globally and identifying trends across lists in partnership with Castellum.AI.

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Dec 15, 2021

Learning the lessons from Ukraine’s post-Maidan reform experience

By Anton Yashchenko

Learning the lessons from Ukraine’s post-Maidan reform experience: the country's Reforms Delivery Office team has shared ten key insights based on the past five years at the heart of the country's ambitious reform agenda.

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In the News

Dec 14, 2021

Nia quoted in The New Arab on France’s arrest of Khaled al-Otaibi, an accomplice to the Khashoggi murder

By Atlantic Council

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New Atlanticist

Dec 9, 2021

Biden’s democracy summit should produce a transatlantic anti-corruption strategy

By Ben Judah

The Biden administration's impressive new corruption strategy should inspire the UK and EU to join in.

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Dec 4, 2021

How anti-reform messages are replacing pro-Russian rhetoric on Ukrainian TV

By Oleksandr Yermakov, Olena Halushka

With openly pro-Russian propaganda no longer effective in today's Ukraine, the country's remaining Kremlin supporters are now focusing their efforts on promoting anti-Western narratives in the Ukrainian media.

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