Atlantic Debrief

Jun 11, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What’s behind President Macron’s snap election decision? | A Debrief from Amb. Gérard Araud

Ilva Tare sits down with Ambassador Gérard Araud to discuss the implications of the dissolution of the French National Assembly and the call for a parliamentary snap election.

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Supporters of Kenya's opposition leader and presidential candidate Raila Odinga, of the Azimio La Umoja (Declaration of Unity) One Kenya Alliance, attend his final campaign rally ahead of the August 9th General election, at the Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya, August 6, 2022.

Issue Brief

Jun 11, 2024

The missing piece: Political parties are critical to democracy in Africa

By Santiago Stocker, Patrick Quirk, and Dan Scaduto

As many as seventeen countries in Africa will head to the polls in 2024. This piece analyzes the state of political parties in Sub-Saharan Africa, using Freedom and Prosperity Indexes data to show why multiparty systems are key to democratic strength.

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New Atlanticist

Jun 11, 2024

Setting the European Parliament elections in the ‘right’ context

By Jörn Fleck, James Batchik

The center-right European People’s Party, not the far- and hard-right parties, was the biggest winner of the elections.

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Inflection Points Today

Jun 11, 2024

Macron rolls the dice on France’s future

By Frederick Kempe

The French president could have responded in many ways to Sunday's humiliation in European elections. He took perhaps the riskiest course available.

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Jun 10, 2024

ISIS fell, but the conditions that created the terrorist group still exist in Iraq

By Abbas Kadhim

The pervasive culture of corruption and a poor economy have been among the leading conditions that contributed to the rise of ISIS in Iraq.

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Fast Thinking

Jun 9, 2024

As the far right rises in Europe, can the center hold?

By Atlantic Council

Elections for the 720-seat European Parliament concluded on Sunday. Three Atlantic Council experts share their insights on the initial results.

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Atlantic Debrief

Jun 7, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What can we expect from the European Parliament elections? | A Debrief from Dave Keating

Ilva Tare sits down with Dave Keating, Brussels correspondent with France 24, to preview the European parliament elections and discuss potential implications for the EU's politics and policymaking.

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New Atlanticist

Jun 7, 2024

Modi should make India’s energy transition his third-term legacy

By Kapil Sharma

There are three opportunities that the Modi government could take right away to further support and strengthen its clean energy agenda.

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Eye on Europe's elections

Jun 5, 2024

Your primer on Belgium’s elections

By James Batchik

As Belgium prepares to vote for its regional and federal parliaments, along with new members of the European Parliament, the Europe Center breaks down the key dynamics at play.

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Elections in Latin America & the Caribbean

Jun 4, 2024

Bozmoski interviewed on Bloomberg Balance of Power

By Atlantic Council

On June 4, 2024, Deputy Director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center María Fernanda Bozmoski was interviewed on Bloomberg’s Balance of Power radio show and podcast about President Joe Biden’s executive order slashing asylum claims in the US. More about our expert

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