Jan 24, 2023

Authoritarian kleptocrats are thriving on the West’s failures. Can they be stopped?

By Francis Shin, Ben Judah

A new, more dangerous form of kleptocracy has arisen since the end of the Cold War, and the transatlantic community—hobbled by outdated, cliched images of what kleptocracy looks like, and by siloed, reactive regulatory and enforcement systems—isn’t equipped to handle it. A Transatlantic Anti-Corruption Council could coordinate anti-corruption reforms.

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Jan 23, 2023

Russian finance pivots east

By Niels Graham

Starting in 2014 and accelerating after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Moscow launched a financial pivot toward China. While it initially worked for both countries, economic stress in China as well as the risk of overreliance on Beijing may hinder its future success

China Economic Sanctions


Dec 20, 2022

What might be ahead for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2023? Take our ten-question poll and see how your answers stack up

By Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

How will the region ride a new wave of changing economic and political dynamics? Will the region sizzle or fizzle? Join in and be a part of our ten-question poll on the future of LAC.

Brazil Caribbean


Dec 7, 2022

Improving tax policy in Latin America and the Caribbean: A balancing act

By Felipe Larraín B., Pepe Zhang

This publication outlines evidence-based actions to boost tax revenues, reduce deficits, and encourage robust, fair, and equitable economic development.

Americas Economy & Business


Nov 7, 2022

What Pakistan can learn from Chinese growth

By Ali Hasanain

As the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor enters its second phase, each side needs to review how they can improve the program’s effectiveness for mutual benefit.

China Economy & Business


Oct 24, 2022

Dual circulation in China: A progress report

By Hung Tran

Faced with a challenging international environment and hostile efforts by the United States to restrict China’s access to high technology and its products, China has adopted a dual circulation strategy to make its economy more balanced and resilient. Dual circulation means reducing the role of foreign trade in driving the Chinese economy while improving the quality of trade.

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Oct 21, 2022

Ukraine’s growing tech sector offers hope amid wartime economic pain

By Dathan Duplichen

Ukraine's tech sector offers a rare glimmer of light amid the economic gloom of Russia's ongoing invasion with Ukrainian IT industry export revenues actually up by 23% during the first six months of 2022.

Conflict Digital Policy
Modernizing the Bretton Woods institutions for the twenty-first century


Oct 17, 2022

Modernizing the Bretton Woods Institutions for the twenty-first century

By Ajay Chhibber

The challenges that led to World War II have resurfaced and created the dire need for reform of the Bretton Woods Institutions. A new system to address these challenges requires the three core "Rs"—a revised global remit, an enhanced resource base, and a mandate to monitor agreed-upon global rules.

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Changing Bretton Wood Institutions


Oct 17, 2022

Changing Bretton Woods Institutions: How non-state and quasi-state actors can help drive the global development agenda

By Nisha Narayanan

This new report examines the increasingly influential role of non-state and quasi-public actors in global development and sustainable finance, specifically through the rising level of sustainable investments in emerging and development markets.

Economy & Business Fiscal and Structural Reform
How China would like to reshape international economic institutions


Oct 17, 2022

How China would like to reshape international economic institutions

By Victor Shih

Despite its size, China has an inadequate voice in traditional Bretton Woods Institutions. This paper examines aspects of the dissatisfaction China has with existing global governance institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It also discusses the proposed changes to these institutions according to discussions with Chinese experts.

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