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In the News

Sep 13, 2022

Binnendijk for the National Defense University Press on lessons from the civil war and revolutions in naval affairs

By Hans Binnendijk

Binnendijk and Gompert argue that owing to new strategy, new technology, or the vagaries of war, the character of naval warfare and course of naval history undergo rapid, profound, and lasting change.

Defense Policy Europe & Eurasia

Britain Debrief

Sep 9, 2022

#BritainDebrief – What did Gorbachev believe? | A Debrief from Dr. Vladislav Zubok

By Ben Judah

Senior Fellow Ben Judah spoke with Vladislav Zubok, Professor of International History at LSE and author of Collapse, on how Gorbachev saw Lenin, Europe and Ukraine.

Civil Society Conflict


Aug 30, 2022

The Ukrainian military must reorganize to defeat Russia

By Richard D. Hooker, Jr.

Ukraine has achieved military miracles to derail Russia's invasion plans but reorganization of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is necessary if the country is to be fully liberated from Russian occupation, writes Richard D. Hooker, Jr.

Conflict Defense Industry


Aug 21, 2022

What Ukraine needs to win the war

By Richard D. Hooker, Jr.

Ukraine can win the war against Vladimir Putin's Russia and secure an extended peace in Europe but victory depends on receiving Western support that goes well beyond the current level, writes Richard D. Hooker Jr.

Conflict Drones

In the News

Aug 11, 2022

Stefanini in Politico: China suspends dialogue with US

By Stefano Stefanini

Stefano Stefanini argues that what is at stake in addressing the China question correctly for the US is not just Taiwan, but the Pacific.

Defense Policy Europe & Eurasia

In the News

Aug 8, 2022

Stefanini in Financial Times: Europe’s fight to stay united over war in Ukraine

By Stefano Stefanini

Stefano Stefanini was quoted in a Financial Times article discussing the importance of Europe continuing to put forth a united front against Russia, particularly in light of Mario Draghi's resignation.

Defense Policy Europe & Eurasia

In the News

Jul 26, 2022

Reynolds in Defence Studies: NATO’s position and role in the Indo-Pacific

By Jeffrey Reynolds

Jeffrey Reynolds coauthored an article in Defence Studies discussing the implications NATO's role in the Indo-Pacific

China Conflict


Jul 8, 2022

Post-Boris Britain will continue to stand with Ukraine against Putin’s war

By Peter Dickinson

Boris Johnson's resignation has sparked fears in Kyiv over continued UK support but in reality there is little chance of a weakening in British backing for Ukraine in its fight for survival against Vladimir Putin's ongoing invasion.

Conflict Economic Sanctions


Jul 4, 2022

Why Ukraine loves Boris

By Peter Dickinson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's domestic approval rating has hit rock bottom but he is the most popular foreign politician in Ukraine thanks to his support for the country in its fight against Vladimir Putin's invasion.

Conflict National Security

Inflection Points

Jul 2, 2022

Special dispatch from Madrid: At NATO’s historic summit, good scores points on evil, but it’s not enough to stop Putin’s Ukraine war

By Frederick Kempe

Despite the successes of the NATO summit, Russia's missile strike on a Ukrainian shopping mall put the brutality of Putin's war into stark relief.

Conflict Eastern Europe