Dec 21, 2021

Documentary captures dramatic fight for democracy in Belarus

By Diane Francis

Powerful documentary film “Courage” aptly portrays the ongoing tragedy of Belarus and the recent attempt by its people to overthrow their repressive dictatorship and embrace a more democratic form of government.

Belarus Civil Society


Dec 17, 2021

Russian court accidentally delivers guilty verdict on Putin’s Ukraine war

By Peter Dickinson

A Russian court in Rostov has accidentally issued a guilty verdict on Putin's Ukraine war by publishing official documents confirming the presence of Russian military units in Kremlin-occupied eastern Ukraine.

Conflict Disinformation

Blog Post

Dec 16, 2021

State of the Order: Assessing November 2021

The State of the Order breaks down the month's most important events impacting the democratic world order.

China Climate Change & Climate Action


Dec 16, 2021

US sanctions on Bangladesh’s RAB: What happened? What’s next?

By Ali Riaz

On December 10, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Bangladesh’s elite paramilitary force, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), as well as seven of its current and former officers due to serious human rights violations. This has created a stir in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Human Rights


Dec 15, 2021

Learning the lessons from Ukraine’s post-Maidan reform experience

By Anton Yashchenko

Learning the lessons from Ukraine’s post-Maidan reform experience: the country's Reforms Delivery Office team has shared ten key insights based on the past five years at the heart of the country's ambitious reform agenda.

Civil Society Corruption

In the News

Dec 14, 2021

Jain quoted in the Hill on Biden’s Summit for Democracy

On December 8, Scowcroft Center director for democratic order Ash Jain was quoted in The Hill discussing criteria for country selection and participation in the Biden administration’s Summit for Democracy. He argued that the summit should include democracies with shared values and exclude backsliding democracies and authoritarian countries.

Politics & Diplomacy Rule of Law


Dec 8, 2021

A plan for Colombia’s COVID recovery and why it matters for the United States

By Atlantic Council US-Colombia Task Force

The continuity of Colombia’s prosperity and role as a key US partner depends, in part, on the country’s ability to swiftly recover from COVID-19. In 2020, lockdowns and mobility restrictions led to a major recession in Colombia, exacerbating unemployment, poverty, and pre-existing inequalities.

Americas Civil Society

New Atlanticist

Dec 8, 2021

Democracy in Latin America is under threat. These two summits are a chance to fix it.

By Eguiar Lizundia and Antonio Garrastazu

As nations across the Americas come together to address their shared shortcomings, here's a roadmap to help bolster their democratic institutions.

Civil Society Democratic Transitions


Dec 8, 2021

Independent Ukraine’s free speech gains are under threat

By Kira Rudik

Allegations of state pressure on media have left many questioning President Zelenskyy's commitment to maintaining independent Ukraine's hard-fought free speech gains.

Democratic Transitions Media


Dec 4, 2021

How anti-reform messages are replacing pro-Russian rhetoric on Ukrainian TV

By Oleksandr Yermakov, Olena Halushka

With openly pro-Russian propaganda no longer effective in today's Ukraine, the country's remaining Kremlin supporters are now focusing their efforts on promoting anti-Western narratives in the Ukrainian media.

Civil Society Conflict