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Jul 20, 2022

Nelson Mandela’s unfinished legacy

By Alexander Tripp

Mandela Day recognizes not only a great world leader, but also the value of African voices on the international stage.

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Power lines in South Africa


Jul 8, 2022

Europe’s Green Deal plan is Africa’s green finance opportunity

By Emilie Bel

Can natural gas and nuclear power be green? “Sometimes, and for a limited period of time,” said the European Parliament on July 6, as part of an ongoing negotiation over the EU taxonomy, a key component of the European Green Deal (EGD). The EGD is the European Union’s ambitious plan to create the first emissions-neutral […]

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Jul 1, 2022

Renewing transatlantic partnerships with Africa

As the world grapples with pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and the war in Ukraine, there is an urgent need for Africa, Europe, and the United States to work more closely than ever before on their common challenges in order to build a more secure and equitable future for all.

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Jun 21, 2022

How Africa is responding to the war in Ukraine

For the 2022 Africa Day, the Atlantic Council was happy to host top top DC think tank voices for a discussion on Africa and the new geopolitical order.

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Jun 20, 2022

Time to get ‘glocal’: Here’s how the US can better connect the African and African diaspora communities

By Tyrell Junius

In this new vision, the United States should implement policies at the local level that fold into an international agenda.

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Jun 16, 2022

Better data is the key to unlocking major investment in Africa

By Tom Koch

As COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine continue to hurt the African continent, many countries will require significant investment to revitalize their economies. But a persistent attribute of many African markets will continue to be a barrier to private investment: a relative lack of data. This drives up diligence costs, creates difficulties in valuing assets, […]

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Jun 16, 2022

The Ukraine war is giving Europe a chance to reset ties with Africa

By Amb. Rama Yade

The war in Ukraine has sent shock waves throughout the international system. For both Europe and Africa, it means a strengthened relationship is more imperative than ever.

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Event Recap

May 6, 2022

Africa Center’s 2022 Spring Meeting Dialogues

With the IMF and World Bank Group Spring Meetings taking place from April 18th to the 22nd, the Africa Center convened the timely “2022 Spring Meeting Dialogues”, highlighting African views during the strategic gatherings around development matters.

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Apr 11, 2022

The days of elite deals in Sudan should be over

By Cameron Hudson

It is not too late for Washington to correct the course on Sudan and help stave off another democracy-delaying elite pact.

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New Atlanticist

Mar 15, 2022

Africa’s sports industry is revving up. It will fuel a generation of young leaders.

By Katherine Walla

Here are highlights from the Africa Center’s Sports Business Forum which covered everything from optimizing youth talent across Africa to fostering inclusion in sports.

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