The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) presents the fifth annual 360/Open Summit on June 6 and 7 at the Square, in-person in Brussels and online around the world. Our global team of experts from five continents will convene alongside policymakers and journalists, activists and advocates, and industry representatives for two days of cutting-edge programming.  

The theme of this year’s 360/OS is Contested Realities | Connected Futures. Facing generational global challenges and unprecedented technological innovation, communities and countries are struggling to agree on a shared set of facts. Emboldened autocrats seek to undermine the very idea of collective action that underpins the democratic world. While democracy versus autocracy, fact versus fiction, and who should hold power are contested, one thing is certain: our futures are connected. As today’s competition shapes the global system for generations to come, it is up to this community of activists, industry leaders, and public servants to work together to create a rights-respecting, transparent, and representative future for all.  

In Brussels, this global community will gather for presentations, workshops, and conversations on everything from countering foreign influence, to building resilient information environments, to the role of the Internet in online movements, and ensuring democratic approaches to a decentralized digital world. You’ll hear from global leaders and innovators at the heart of these issues and more. 

We’re also excited to announce we will be joined by a cohort of our “Digital Sherlocks” program, bringing more than 100 journalists, independent researchers, and civil society representatives from around the world to 360/OS for a parallel track of specialized training, presentations, and networking. We’ll be announcing featured keynote speakers over the coming months, as well as an exciting slate of partners and side events, making this year’s 360/OS bigger than ever. 


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