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Feb 2, 2023

In 2022, the war in Ukraine awakened Europe. Here’s how it must adapt in 2023.

By Atlantic Council experts

How will the EU continue to bolster its security? Can Brussels forge a new path toward better relations with its partners? Our experts give their recommendations on how to get there.

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New Atlanticist

Feb 1, 2023

Boris Johnson: Stop worrying about Putin and ‘focus entirely on Ukraine’

By Katherine Walla

The former UK prime minister urged the West to stop tiptoeing around Putin’s threats and equip Ukraine with the weapons it needs to end the war.

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Experts react

Jan 25, 2023

Experts react: The West finally sends in the tanks. What will they mean for Ukraine’s fight?

By Atlantic Council experts

Is this a turning point for Germany’s participation in arming Ukraine? Our experts lay out what’s next.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 24, 2023

Biden’s call to modernize US tech policy would pay transatlantic dividends

By Kenneth Propp

If Congress and the White House can unite to pass regulations on data privacy and tech competition, they would set the stage for deeper EU-US coordination.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 24, 2023

What’s behind the Western divide over arming Ukraine?

By Eric Adamson

Two schools of thought have emerged on arming Ukraine—defeat Russia vs. avoid escalation. A recent conference hosted by the Atlantic Council in Stockholm investigated the roots of the divide.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 20, 2023

Like it or not, Europe can only tackle its big challenges with Franco-German consensus

By Marie Jourdain, Jörn Fleck

The January 22 France-Germany summit, amid bumpy relations between the two powers, comes at a pivotal time for Europe and the transatlantic alliance.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 18, 2023

Dutch prime minister talks Leopard 2 tanks and other assistance to Ukraine: ‘The ask from Kyiv is completely clear’

By Nick Fouriezos

Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke at an Atlantic Council Front Page event on Tuesday, where he discussed Ukraine, the Caribbean, China, and more.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 6, 2023

Experts react: Can new French and German weapons turn the tide in Ukraine?

By Atlantic Council experts

What do these additions mean for the battlefield? What do they signal about the positioning of France, Germany, and Europe as a whole in this protracted conflict?

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New Atlanticist

Dec 23, 2022

Slovakia risks becoming another Hungary-style EU spoiler. How should the West respond?

By Petr Tůma

The transatlantic community should motivate the opponents of nationalist Robert Fico to get together to prevent a Slovak shift toward Hungary and Russia.

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New Atlanticist

Dec 23, 2022

The Atlantic Council’s 22 greatest hits of 2022

By Frederick Kempe

Our work to help inform policymakers and the public as we craft solutions to the world’s most difficult challenges has never felt more urgent. Here’s the best of our efforts from a tumultuous 2022.

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