The Atlantic Council’s GeoEconomics Center and Atlantik- Brücke present our annual flagship conference, the Transatlantic Forum on GeoEconomics, on September 26, 2024, in New York City.  

This third iteration of the Transatlantic Forum, taking place on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, will gather senior government and private-sector leaders together to discuss cross-cutting policies affecting finance, technology, and energy. We will be tasking these leaders to increase alignment and collaboration between Western allies and the private sector—and to identify multilateral solutions for securing the global financial system, boosting technological innovation, and advancing energy transition. 

Join us for dynamic conversations and meaningful insights at the forefront of transatlantic economic cooperation.

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See key highlights from our past forums in Frankfurt and Berlin.

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Strengthening the exchange between politics and business, Atlantik-Brücke aims to deepen cooperation between Germany, Europe and America on all levels. 

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