The Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation
January 12-13, 2018

Four Seasons, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

Agenda at a glance

Friday, January 12

  • High level briefing 1–Challenges of a 21st century energy system: Digitization, artificial intelligence, and cyber security
  • High level briefing 2—Regional geopolitics and energy markets: Europe and Eurasia
  • Workshop 1—Shifting gears: Workshop on the future of transportation, oil demand, and geopolitics
  • High level briefing 3—Regional geopolitics and energy markets: The Middle East, Asia, and the belt and road initiative
  • Workshop 2—The nexus between conflict and energy and the peace potential of energy resources
  • Special brunch—Oil and gas investments in a time of uncertainty
  • Roundtable luncheon—Emerging geopolitical risks to energy production and trade
  • Opening remarks
  • Scene setter: The geopolitics of the energy transformation
  • Setting the 2018 energy policy agenda—A conversation with decisionmakers
  • 2018 energy market trajectories—A view from the top
  • Iran: Setting strategies amidst increasing tensions
  • The next revolution: MIT’s breakthrough energy technologies
  • Reception: Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Saturday, January 13

  • America’s role in the world: An energy strategy
  • Plenary session 1—The future of transportation: A debate on innovation, oil demand, and geopolitics
  • Plenary session 2—Natural gas: Fuel of the energy transition?
  • Plenary session 3—Issue in focus: The future of open and oil markets
  • Plenary session 4—Economic diversification: Sustainable best practices and business models
  • Roundtable luncheon on oil & gas security: An intelligence perspective
  • Fireside chat: Nigeria: The seven big wins
  • Fireside chat: The global petroleum industry through a new lens: Value creation, partnership, and innovation
  • Plenary session and report launch: A new age for nuclear energy?
  • Report launch: Shaping Iraq’s oil and gas future
  • Report launch: Energy: Driving force behind increasing female participation in the gulf?
  • Report launch: Investments into electrification and renewable energy
  • The electrification of everything
  • Leaders Council Dinner: UAE Energy and Economic Strategy


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Global Energy Forum

Jan 8, 2018

Shaping Iraq’s oil and gas future

By Ellen Scholl

Oil production already provides much-needed revenue and economic development and underwrites the Iraqi federal budget. Meanwhile, gas development could also play a key role in Iraq’s future by fostering broad based economic development, improving electric service provision, and fostering value-added industries.

Energy & Environment Iraq

Global Energy Forum

Jan 8, 2018

Energy: Driving force behind increasing female participation in the Gulf

By Bina Hussein

When global oil and gas prices fell in 2014, many oil-producing countries, including those in the Gulf, felt the consequences and began to face the stark reality that oil revenue-based economies must diversify in order to continue prospering. Due to the dominant role that energy plays in the region’s economies, the energy sector is in a position to make tremendous progress in increasing female workforce participation through their planned reforms and thus set an example for others.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions

Global Energy Forum

Jan 8, 2018

Renewable energy in the Middle East

By Jean-François Seznec

Across the Middle East and North Africa, population growth is driving demand for air conditioning, water, and infrastructure, which has in turn led to more demand for electricity. While oil and gas technologies are notably developed across the Middle East and North Africa, renewable deployment and the development of a renewable technology sector, is a relatively new—and rapid—development.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions

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