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Stories of Resilience

New Atlanticist

Mar 19, 2019

#StrongerWithAllies: Meet the Latvian who leads NATO’s fight against fake news

By Hal Foster

Sarts believes the ultimate defense against fake news will be to inoculate people against it.

Disinformation NATO


Nov 12, 2019

Art of the Egyptian revolution

By MENASource

In 2011, Egyptians came out in unprecedented numbers to organize and build a revolution that inspired the region. One of the ways they did this was through street art. MENASource interviewed well-known Egyptian artist Ammar Abo Bakr on how street art began in Egypt and where it stands today.

Human Rights Middle East

New Atlanticist

Jan 30, 2019

#StrongerWithAllies: Lives literally depend on the work of this Polish officer

By Hal Foster

As head of the Polish Armed Forces’ biological, chemical and nuclear decontamination team, Maronski’s job was to check the returning troops for Ebola and decontaminate them before getting them to doctors.

NATO Poland


Jun 3, 2019

The right man for the right time  

By Andy Hunder

“God probably has a great sense of humor,” reckons Borys Gudziak, president of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv. The US-born archbishop transformed what was designed to be the Soviet communist party’s atheist ideology center in western Ukraine into a thriving catholic university. The irony of this transformation is not lost on him. Only […]

Civil Society Nationalism

New Atlanticist

Jan 15, 2019

#StrongerWithAllies: Danish sergeant wants to ‘help make a change’

By Graham Lanktree

“When I had the chance to volunteer, I volunteered,” said the now thirty-two-year-old sergeant in the Danish Military Police.


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