Aug 5, 2022

Operational technology: Cloudy, with a chance of data 

By Emma Schroeder

In the second episode of The Cyber Moonshot, we again follow Neymar, Zafira, and Ernest in a quaint little food court on the surface of the moon. Follow along in their journey to understand the operational technology-cloud convergence and track down the path of the malware that has infected their port - before it becomes a permanent winter wonderland!


Nov 19, 2021

Software Supply Chains: Turns Out All You Need to Trust is Caffeine and Cats

By Emma Schroeder and the Cyber Statecraft Initiative

In the first episode of The Cyber Moonshot, we invite you to join us a few hundred years from now, in a quaint little food court on the surface of the moon. As we explore the lives and foibles of the lunar inhabitants, we will also explore the complexities and absurdities of cybersecurity. From software supply chains to smart homes to phishing, we will pull common cyber headaches and lessons away from the abstract or technical and firmly into a world where cats can sense trust and the cloud has a sentience of their own.


Aug 2, 2021

South Asia midyear pause: Taking stock of 2021

By South Asia Center

South Asia will face crucial issues like human security, regional stability, economic prosperity, and the pandemic in the remainder of 2021. How should we understand the region's prospects as we embark on the second half of the year? Our South Asia experts weigh in.

Afghanistan Bangladesh


Apr 22, 2021

A transatlantic charter for peace and security in Afghanistan

By South Asia Center

The Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center presents the exclusive launch of the Transatlantic Charter on Afghanistan as part of the Strategic Dialogues on and with Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Europe & Eurasia


Mar 24, 2021

Forty years after: How Greece can help usher in tomorrow’s Europe

By Miltiadis Varvitsiotis

Today, as the European Union is reinvigorating its partnership with the United States and working toward enlargement in the Western Balkans, with the significant strategic support of Greece, the time is ripe for articulating our hopes and expectations for the emergence of a coherent, geopolitical European Union.

European Union Greece


Jan 7, 2021

South Asia: The road ahead in 2021

By South Asia Center

The shadow of 2020 is likely to loom large over the coming year for South Asia, which faces unprecedented economic challenges, deterioration of democratic norms and institutions, and the existential threat of climate change.

Afghanistan Bangladesh

Elections 2020

Oct 30, 2020

Democracy at home is the source of American power abroad

By Peter Engelke, Julian Mueller-Kaler

The United States does have the power to both right its own ship and fully employ its example to good effect around the world, but only if its citizens stay engaged in the hard work of democratic self-governance.

Elections Political Reform


Sep 14, 2020

Europe after COVID

By Clément Beaune

A few weeks after the groundbreaking budget agreement adopted by the European Council on July 21, it would be tempting to say that COVID-19 changed everything in the European Union, in line with the oft-repeated principle: “It takes a crisis for Europe to act.” Like all clichés, there is some truth in this statement.

Coronavirus European Union


Aug 7, 2020

The legacy Brent Scowcroft leaves behind

By Frederick Kempe, Jeffrey Lightfoot

With Brent Scowcroft’s passing yesterday at age ninety-five, the United States lost one of the central players in the transatlantic community’s success in bringing a peaceful end to the half-century-long Cold War with the Soviet Union, in the remaking of the European map to include a reunified Germany, and in providing the opportunity for the spread of democracy and freedom to Central and Eastern Europe.


Jul 26, 2020

App stores in focus

By Trey Herr, June Lee, Will Loomis, and Stewart Scott

App stores and hubs are a popular target for software supply chain attacks on large numbers of users, exploiting trust in proprietary app ecosystems and the security of storefronts like Play Store and App Store.

Cybersecurity Technology & Innovation