Richard L. Morningstar

  • Two Years of Trump: Key Moments in Foreign Policy

    January 20 marks two years since US President Donald J. Trump took office. We take a look back at some of the big foreign policy headlines made by the president and his administration over these past two years.

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  • Taking Stock of Energy Security Risks in the Twenty-First Century

    Climate change, geopolitics, economic development, energy transitions and security of supply are just some of the challenges facing energy security in the twenty-first century.


    “It doesn’t take more than a glance at newspaper headlines to recognize that the current period is a time of great change and volatility,” said Richard L. Morningstar, founding chairman of the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center.


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  • Turkey's Energy Nexus-Discoveries and Developments

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    As the fastest growing energy market in the OECD over the past decade and a country dependent on imports for almost all of its hydrocarbon demand, Turkey’s energy sector carries regional implications. Securing a reliable and affordable source of energy, through diversification and increased domestic production, has formed the cornerstone of Turkey’s energy policy. In a special issue, jointly published with Turkish Policy Quarterly, the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY explores the changing energy dynamics in Turkey and the region. Including contributions from six Atlantic Council Global Energy...

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  • Turkey’s Energy Sector Dynamics

    On December 6, 2018 the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY, held an event, co-hosted with the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, in Washington, D.C. to launch a special issue jointly published with Turkish Policy Quarterly(TPQ), on Turkey’s energy sector dynamics entitled “Turkey’s Energy Nexus: Discoveries & Development”.

    Atlantic Council Turkey Representative Defne Arslan kicked off the event noting the importance of energy and energy security to Turkey, a country which has few domestic fossil fuel resources of its own and has seen dramatic energy demand growth in recent years. TPQ Editor-in-Chief Süreya Köprülü also contributed opening remarks, welcoming the panel and noting TPQ’s focus on energy issues since its inception.

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  • How Will the Outcome of the Midterms Affect Trump's Policy Options?

    Democrats captured the House of Representatives while Republicans strengthened their Senate majority in the US midterm elections on November 6.

    We asked our analysts what they believe are the policy implications of this outcome. Here’s what they had to say*:

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  • Energy and Geopolitics: A Diplomat's View

    Amb. Richard Morningstar, Chairman of the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center
    Marine Biological Laboratory Falmouth Forum Lecture Series, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    October 12, 2018



    I am very happy to be here at Woods Hole this evening. I want to thank Susan Morse who has been a friend for 45 years for suggesting it and Nancy Bridges for making the arrangements.

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  • Morningstar Quoted in ACTMedia on Statements Made at Three Seas Summit

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  • Can Lowering Trade Barriers Fuel American Energy Exports to Europe?

    Momentum is building regarding the trade truce and work plan announced by the United States and the European Union in the July 25 US-EU Joint Statement. US President Donald J. Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker gave special attention to strengthening “strategic cooperation with respect to energy,” adding that the “European Union wants to import more liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States to diversify its energy supply.” In early August, the EU Commission reiterated support for that goal and urged the United States to ease LNG export regulations as a way to help increase LNG trade.

    Washington and Brussels have been working to increase cross-border economic integration in the energy sector and to promote increased US-EU energy ties at least since the early 2000s when they began serious...

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  • Scholl and Morningstar in Handelsblatt Global: Nord Stream 2 takes center stage in Trump’s NATO performance

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  • Towards 21st Century Energy Systems in Central & Eastern Europe Conference

    On June 25th, the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center held a half-day conference on “Towards 21st Century Energy Systems in Central & Eastern Europe,” which brought together government officials, business leaders, and experts to discuss the progression of the European Energy Union concept, the implications of the changing global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, and the priorities of the Trump administration for Central and Eastern European energy security. It was the fourth annual edition of the conference.
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