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Dec 7, 2022

The new Swedish government’s agenda for its EU presidency: Forging unity on Ukraine, defense, and trade

By Katherine Walla

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström explained Wednesday at an Atlantic Council Front Page event that the EU needs strengthening on several fronts to face the challenges ahead.

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The Atlantic Council hosted a conversation with Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs H.E. Tobias Billström on December 7, 2022.

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine triggered a seismic shift in Europe’s foreign policy and security strategy. This unjustified war has reinforced the transatlantic partnership and led Sweden to seek admission into the NATO alliance. With a highly advanced military force, an effective diplomatic strategy, an innovative technological ecosystem, and exceptional intelligence services, Sweden has an important responsibility in bolstering deterrence with Russia and heightening transatlantic security. As Sweden assumes the presidency of the European Union in 2023 and looks to complete its accession to NATO, how does Stockholm aim to address the growing instability and change that lies ahead? What are the key priorities of Sweden’s EU presidency?

To discuss these issues and more, the Atlantic Council was thrilled to welcome Minister Billström in his first official visit to Washington for this timely and important conversation. The Scowcroft Center’s Transatlantic Security Initiative and the Europe Center were pleased to present this live event as part of the Atlantic Council’s #ACFrontPage event series, our premier live ideas platform spotlighting global leaders and championing constructive solutions to global challenges.

This conversation was hosted in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC.

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Introductory remarks

Keynote remarks

H.E. Tobias Billström
Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs

Moderated by

Amy Mackinnon
Staff Writer, Foreign Policy

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