Please join the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center on Tuesday, April 20, from 12:30-1:30 pm EDT for a conversation on John Kerry’s challenge to the hydrocarbon industry to lead the clean hydrogen transition and make the United States a leader in the clean fuel, with Jillian Evanko, president and chief executive officer of Chart Industries; Wayne Leighty, North America hydrogen commercial manager for Shell; Michael Liebreich, chairman and chief executive officer of Liebreich Associates; Cosma Panzacchi, executive vice president for hydrogen at Snam; and Axel Wietfeld, chief executive officer of Uniper Hydrogen.

In this moderated discussion, global leaders in the energy industry will discuss John Kerry’s call for the hydrocarbon industry to embrace ‘huge opportunities’ in leading the development of the US and global clean hydrogen economies. Panelists will discuss their roles in pursuing and supporting a clean hydrogen economy, how the hydrocarbon industry is poised to transition to clean hydrogen production and distribution, and the importance of the fuel to their long-term strategies.

This event will be the fourth in the Atlantic Council “Raising Ambitions” events series, which focuses on the higher climate ambitions that the Biden-Harris administration hopes to realize at home and abroad. It will evaluate key technologies critical to helping reach these goals, emphasize sectoral approaches to decarbonization, and highlight that countries are increasing their commitments to climate action. The aim is to build momentum in advance of the United States’ Leaders’ Climate Summit in April and encourage increased ambition from public and private sector actors.

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A conversation with

Jillian Evanko
President and Chief Executive Officer
Chart Industries

Wayne Leighty
Hydrogen Commercial Manager, North America

Michael Liebreich
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Liebreich Associates

Cosma Panzacchi
Executive Vice President for Hydrogen

Axel Wietfeld
Chief Executive Officer
Uniper Hydrogen

Moderated by

Randolph Bell
Director, Global Energy Center, and Richard Morningstar Chair for Global Energy Security
Atlantic Council

The Global Energy Center develops and promotes pragmatic and nonpartisan policy solutions designed to advance global energy security, enhance economic opportunity, and accelerate pathways to net-zero emissions.