Over the past six months, the headlines regarding Ukraine’s domestic developments have been worrying, but that’s not the full story. Though last year’s hopes for sweeping political and economic modernization have dimmed, events in Ukraine are not as bleak as they seem. Discrete but significant reforms are underway both in government and in business. In fact, Ukraine is home to a burgeoning innovation economy that is driving a range of reforms championed by the country’s next generation of policymakers and entrepreneurs.

Ukraine is making slow but steady progress on a number of fronts around the country. The State Property Fund sold off Hotel Dnipro, a Soviet relic, the country has quietly launched a gas market revolution, and Ukraine has digitized many of its public services. This event will examine the under-reported ways in which Ukraine is moving forward on reform.

Dmytro Sennychenko, Executive Chairman, State Property Fund of Ukraine; James Brooke, Editor-in-Chief, Ukraine Business News; and Dr. Aura Sabadus, Senior Journalist, Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, discuss successful reforms undertaken in Ukraine’s public and private sectors, as well as the role innovation plays in modernizing the Ukrainian economy. Ambassador John Herbst, Director, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council, moderates.


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