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Thu, Jul 2, 2020

South Asia midyear pause: Taking stock of 2020

The specific events of the year’s first six months might have taken us by surprise but the political-economic dynamics that have shaped South Asia’s response to these new challenges did not. Across the region democracy and freedom of expression are challenged, and protectionist impulses are indulged in flailing response to calamitous economic strife. And the United States continues its slide into strategic irrelevance, exercising little leadership or interest in building stronger ties to this vital region.

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Afghanistan Bangladesh

Mon, Jun 1, 2020

Nooruddin joins India Today to discuss race and social cleavages in the United States

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Human Rights India

Mon, May 11, 2020

Nooruddin as a panelist at The Asian Leaders Council at UVA: Citizenship Amendment Bill Webinar

In the News by Atlantic Council

Human Rights India

Dr. Irfan Nooruddin is the Director of the South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council. He is also a Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Dr. Nooruddin conducts research in the political economy of development, trade, and investment, and the challenges of democratization in the 21st century. He is the author of Elections in Hard Times (Cambridge University Press, 2016) and Coalition Politics and Economic Development (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and more than twenty-five scholarly articles and book chapters. In 2012, he was a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC., and is a Team Member of Lokniti: Programme in Comparative Democracy in New Delhi, India. He has received grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID.

Dr. Nooruddin has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Michigan and a BA in Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. He was born and raised in Bombay, India.