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Wed, Jul 15, 2020

Iran isn’t the only Middle Eastern country in a unique partnership with China

China has deeply entrenched interests across the region and mature relationships with many relevant Arab countries, most of which do not look favorably upon Iran.

MENASource by Jonathan Fulton

China Middle East

Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Will China become a major arms supplier to Iran?

By becoming a major arms supplier to Iran, Beijing would unnecessarily antagonize the United States and alienate several Iranian rivals across the Middle East, many of which are also strategic partners for China.

IranSource by Jonathan Fulton

China Iran

Thu, Apr 16, 2020

China’s soft power during the coronavirus is winning over the Gulf states

As COVID-19 continues to batter the world, China has managed an impressive transition. A recent article in the New York Times notes that, through the short life of the coronavirus crisis, China has been able to reposition itself not as “the authoritarian incubator of a pandemic but as a responsible global leader at a moment […]

MENASource by Jonathan Fulton

China Coronavirus

Jonathan Fulton is a nonresident senior fellow for Middle East Programs at the Atlantic Council. He also serves as Assistant Professor of Political Science at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.

An expert on Chinese policy toward the Middle East, Fulton has written widely on the topic for both academic and popular publications. He is the author of China’s Relations with the Gulf Monarchies and co-editor of External Powers and the Gulf Monarchies.

Fulton received his PhD from the University of Leicester, where his dissertation focused on Chinese relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council member states. He also holds degrees from Staffordshire University, the University of Southern Queensland, and Dalhousie University.