Dr. Paul Sullivan was a nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center. He was a full professor at the National Defense University (USA) for over 22 years where he ran the Energy Industry Study, taught Industry Analytics, Economics of National Security, and many electives and regional studies related to the MENA region, the Islamic world, and many other timely issues. As part of his NDU duties, he ran energy field studies in the US, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the EU. He taught and researched energy security in the EU and EU-Russian energy relations for over 16 years. He taught at Georgetown, The American University in Cairo, and Yale. He teaches classes on energy and environmental security at Johns Hopkins.

He has given talks on five continents at places as varied as Windsor Castle, Ditchley Park, and The Defense College of Mongolia, among many others. His present research interests include the energy-resilience nexus, economic and resource aspects of human security, the energy transition, US-MENA relations, EU energy security, EU-Russian energy relations, the energy-water-food nexus, and many other topics. He has almost three decades of experience with and in the MENA region and considerable experience in other parts of the world, including the EU, gathered over a nearly 40-year career. He holds a BA from Brandeis University, along with MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees from Yale University. He was part of MIT’s Seminar XXI’s class of 2006.