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Fri, Sep 14, 2018

A strategy for Moldova

The Republic of Moldova, a sliver of land bordering the European Union (EU) and NATO’s eastern edge, finds itself at a critical crossroads twenty-seven years after gaining independence from the Soviet Union.

Report by Anders Åslund and Timothy Fairbank

Corruption Defense Policy

Mon, Jun 25, 2018

Q&A: What’s Behind Moldova’s Massive Protests?

Protesters are taking to the streets of Moldova’s capital of Chisinau again. On June 3, Andrei Nastase was elected mayor of Chisinau with 52.5% of the vote. Nastase, a pro-European prosecutor and anti-corruption activist, defeated Socialist Ion Ceban who favors closer ties to Moscow. On June 19, a Chisinau court struck down the election results, […]

UkraineAlert by Melinda Haring

Moldova Ukraine

Mon, Feb 12, 2018

Fairbank Quoted in BuzzFeed on Vlad Lupan Being Removed From His Post

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In the News by Timothy Fairbank


Timothy Fairbank is a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center. From 2008 to 2016, Mr. Fairbank was the co-founder and managing director of Development Transformations (DT), where he oversaw and managed the organization’s governance, civil society, analytical research, and elections programs throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Under his leadership, DT expanded from a two-person start-up to having eight offices around the world and winning major multi-year grants and contracts funded by the US Agency for International Development, US Department of State, US Department of Defense, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Fortune 500 companies, and private foundations.

Prior to co-founding DT, Mr. Fairbank spent nearly a decade at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) where he worked on elections and provided technical assistance to civil society organizations and foreign governments. In addition to holding various positions at NDI’s headquarters, he worked for several years in the field directing programs in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Georgia. He served as NDI’s first country director in Moldova, director of civil society programs in Ukraine, acting country director in Kazakhstan, and as an adviser to programs throughout the Eurasia region. Mr. Fairbank has conducted more than a dozen election-related assessments as a member of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and NDI international delegations. He also worked as director for democracy and rule of law at L-3 Communications and as an adjunct at the RAND Corporation.

Mr. Fairbank has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and the University of Maryland’s Department of Government and Politics. He earned his master’s degree, with distinction, from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.