Wajahat S. Khan is a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center. Khan is an Emmy-nominated journalist and author reporting on Indo-Pacific security and focusing on the Afghanistan-Pakistan conflict. An adjunct professor at New York University’s Center of Global Affairs, Khan is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism and the University of Michigan and is Pakistan’s only Shorenstein fellow from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has reported from sixteen countries covering conflict, diplomacy, and media for digital, cable and network news. During the final years of US military operations in Afghanistan, Khan was bureau chief in Kabul and Islamabad for NBC News and was embedded with over one hundred NATO, Afghan, Indian, and Pakistani military and paramilitary units as he covered South Asia for leading US, British, Indian, Japanese, and Pakistani networks and publications since the beginning of the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan. Currently at the Eurasia Group, Khan frequently dabbles in cricket and is the author of the 2019 Amazon/Harper Collins sports bestseller Game Changer: Being Shahid Afridi. Khan lives between New York City, London, and Karachi and drives a very, very fast car.