Mapping green innovation ecosystems: Evaluating the success factors for the world’s leading greentech-innovation centers

Enabling current and future generations to mitigate climate change requires the urgent creation and scaling up of technologies that minimize and reverse the impact of human activities on the environment. The ecosystems that foster innovation in green technologies, and the success factors that enable these ecosystems, must be better understood in order to replicate them around the world.

The new Global Energy Center issue brief, “Mapping Green Innovation Ecosystems: Evaluating the Success Factors for the World’s Leading Greentech-Innovation Centers,” by Peter Engelke, Margaret Jackson, and Randolph Bell assesses the value of greentech-innovation ecosystems. It identifies commonalities between the places and companies that attract investment as they lead the world to a greener, low-carbon economy.

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Image: Bicycles in Amsterdam, Netherlands, demonstrate an emphasis on environmentally-friendly personal mobility options (Unsplash/Jace & Afsoon )