On October 20, Markus Garlauskas, the former US National Intelligence Officer for North Korea and nonresident senior fellow with the Asia Security Initiative, was quoted in The National Interest for his comments on a recent report published by Daily NK on North Korea’s latest ICBM capacities. Garlauskas was quoted saying that while the report largely rings true, some details of the report are questionable, such as why North Korea would call two obviously different missiles displayed in the same parade both Hwasong-15.

“The main elements of this report ring true, but some of the details are questionable. The missile is liquid-fueled and is likely capable of carrying multiple re-entry vehicles that are not independently targetable. I agree that a flight test of the new missile is being prepared for after the US election, but that the timing could change on short notice. However, I question some of the details, such as why North Korea would display two obviously different missiles in the same parade and call them both Hwasong-15,” Garlauskas told The National Interest.

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