Sweden poised to strengthen Nato’s northern defences

Membership of alliance marks historic shift for non-aligned country, precipitated by Russia’s war against Ukraine. Swedish membership will help Nato bolster its defence of the entire Nordic and Baltic regions and reinforce its presence in the Arctic. Its forces, logistics, airspace and maritime areas can now be fully integrated into Nato operational planning.

“Anna Wieslander, director for northern Europe, said Sweden would need to develop a ‘strategic culture’ among its top commanders and political decision makers. As a non-aligned country, albeit one active in multilateral institutions such as the EU and UN, it had the ability to hold back and sit on the fence. ‘Moving from national defence planning to a more collective defence planning process is a quite a big shift both practically and mentally,’ she said. ‘The expectations will be that Sweden will be an active member of Nato but that will be quite a challenge.’”

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