Nov 17, 2023

Iraq’s parliamentary speaker was removed. What’s next for the country?

By Abbas Kadhim

The current crisis dates back to May 2022, when Mohamed al-Halbousi removed one of his bloc’s members from parliament.

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Nov 7, 2023

Global China Hub Nonresident Fellow Lev Nachman quoted in Focus Taiwan

Global China Hub Nonresident Fellow Lev Nachman spoke to Focus Taiwan about the upcoming Taiwanese presidential elections and the potential for collaboration between the campaigns of KMT nominee Hou Yu-ih (侯友宜) and the TPP’s Ko Wen-je (柯文哲).

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New Atlanticist

Oct 23, 2023

Populism vs. the establishment: What to expect in Argentina’s presidential runoff 

By Atlantic Council experts

After a surprising first-round result, the November 19 election will now pit Economy Minister Sergio Massa against right-wing populist Javier Milei.

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Oct 19, 2023

Ukraine needs electoral reform now for resilient postwar elections

By Peter Erben, Gio Kobakhidze

Prioritizing electoral reform now will position Ukraine for postwar democratic resilience and will underscore the nation’s dedication to sustaining and improving its democratic traditions, even in the face of great adversity.

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Oct 19, 2023

Zelenskyy should say a Churchillian “no” to wartime elections in Ukraine

By Alan Riley

If Winston Churchill were still with us, he would surely be advising Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to ignore mounting international pressure to call elections in wartime Ukraine, writes Alan Riley.

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New Atlanticist

Oct 18, 2023

Experts react: Will Venezuela now hold freer elections and get sanctions relief?

By Atlantic Council experts

On October 17, Venezuela’s government and members of the opposition signed a deal to work toward making next year’s presidential elections more free and fair. Sanctions relief could be next.

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New Atlanticist

Oct 16, 2023

Four questions (and expert answers) about new Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa

By Atlantic Council experts

On October 15, Noboa was elected Ecuador’s next president, beating out Luisa González, a protégé of former President Rafael Correa.

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New Atlanticist

Oct 15, 2023

Did Polish voters just set a new course toward centrism?

By Daniel Fried

Preliminary election results suggest that the ruling right-wing nationalist Law and Justice Party may be ousted in Poland. Here's what the results mean for the EU, Ukraine, and more.

Central Europe Democratic Transitions

New Atlanticist

Oct 12, 2023

Ecuador’s presidential election is a choice between the future and experience

By Isabel Chiriboga

Ecuadorians head to the polls on October 15 to vote in a runoff election between Daniel Noboa and Luisa González.

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Eye on Europe's elections

Oct 11, 2023

Your primer on the elections in Poland

What's at stake in the October 15 election, as the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party seeks a third consecutive term? Atlantic Council experts have you covered on all things Poland.

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