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The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center promotes energy security by working alongside government, industry, civil society, and public stakeholders to devise pragmatic solutions to the geopolitical, sustainability, and economic challenges of the changing global energy landscape.

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May 9, 2024

China builds more utility-scale solar as competition with coal ramps up

By Joseph Webster

China's transition to more utility-scale solar installations furthers its decarbonization efforts. However, regional resource limitations, limited interprovincial electricity transfers, and cheap coal present structural and economic headwinds.

China Energy Transitions

GeoTech Cues

May 8, 2024

One hundred years of energy transitions

By Mahmoud Abouelnaga

Thousands of energy leaders, technology developers, and climate advocates gathered in Rotterdam, Netherlands from April 22-25 along the 26th World Energy Congress. Looking back at the first Congress, then called the World Power Congress, in London in 1924, global energy systems looked very different. In 1924, global oil production was around 2.8 million barrels per […]

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May 7, 2024

Amid competing pressures, will Ukraine quit its transit of Russian gas?

By Sergiy Makogon and Daniel Stein

The Russia-Ukraine gas transit agreement inked in 2019 will expire in December 2024, but Russian gas transit through Ukraine will remain a possibility. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

New Atlanticist

May 7, 2024

A new US economic playbook to lead the world economy and counter China

By Kaush Arha, Peter Harrell, and Clete Willems

The United States needs a new comprehensive economic strategy to advance US interests and deter China’s ability to do them harm.

China Climate Change & Climate Action

In the News

May 6, 2024

Webster quoted in El Espanol on Kyrgyzstan’s imports of military relevant trade

Central Asia China


May 3, 2024

G7 pledges to end coal—but only inclusive action will make a real climate impact

By Elena Benaim

During the G7 energy ministerial in Turin, Italy, climate, energy, and environment ministers made a historic pledge to phase out coal power plants by 2035 among other agreements. But members ultimately need to turn pledges into action to blunt the impacts of climate change.

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In the News

May 2, 2024

Webster quoted in Recharge News on Chinese wind power dominance

China Energy & Environment

Atlantic Debrief

May 1, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What lessons can the EU take from the US Green New Deal? | A Debrief from Professor Mark Z. Jacobson

Carol Schaeffer sits down with Mark Z. Jacobson about what challenges policymakers need to consider in developing renewable energy infrastructure.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment


Apr 29, 2024

The double costs of conflict-driven climate change in MENA and beyond

By Ariel Ezrahi

With the ongoing wars, it’s easy to dismiss the notions of climate change cooperation across borders as detached from reality. Unfortunately, the devastating impacts of climate change are not going away

Climate Change & Climate Action Conflict

New Atlanticist

Apr 25, 2024

How the US is pitching a development finance ‘alternative’ to China’s initiatives, according to Scott Nathan

By Katherine Walla

“Good development is good foreign policy,” Nathan explained at an Atlantic Council Front Page event. “That’s in our national interest.”

China Energy Transitions