New Atlanticist

Jun 24, 2022

Seven trends to watch as the world’s richest countries get together

By the GeoEconomics Center

From inflation to sanctions, these are the key questions facing the G7 countries—which represent around half the global economy—at their upcoming summit.

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Blog Post

Jun 20, 2022

The WTO Ministerial Agreement – Problematic Progress

By Barbara C. Matthews

Ministers at the World Trade Organization (WTO) triggered headlines proclaiming an historic trade agreement on e-commerce, fishing, and vaccines. In reality, their accomplishments are far more mundane. Many are relieved that the WTO even continues to exist amid deepening geopolitical splintering.

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Issue Brief

Jun 16, 2022

The Marshall Plan and the Belt and Road Initiative: More differences than similarities

By Sienna Nordquist

This issue brief provides crucial insights as international political and business leaders once again call for a “new Marshall Plan”—this time to rebuild Ukraine should Russian aggression end.

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In the News

Jun 10, 2022

Mark cited in Australian ABC News on the possibility of US audits on Chinese companies

Read the full article here.

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Jun 1, 2022

Do countries need freedom to achieve prosperity?

By Dan Negrea, Joseph Lemoine, Matthew Kroenig, Joel Kesselbrenner

The Freedom Index and Prosperity Index are two separate indexes that rank one hundred and seventy-four countries around the world according to their levels of freedom and prosperity.

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In the News

May 25, 2022

China Pathfinder cited in Wall Street Journal on the lack of economic reform and US investment in China, and China’s slowing economic growth

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In the News

May 24, 2022

Lipsky quoted in CNN Business on how greater fragmentation of the global economy will negatively impact supply chains and increase volatility

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Issue Brief

May 11, 2022

China Pathfinder: Q1 2022 Update

By GeoEconomics Center and Rhodium Group

Over the past ten months, teams from the Atlantic Council and Rhodium Group have taken a dive into China’s economy to address a fundamental question: Is China becoming more or less like other open-market economies? 

China Fiscal and Structural Reform


Apr 28, 2022

The future of UK banking and finance

By Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, Christopher Breen, and William Wright

This report provides an ambitious blueprint for the future of UK banking and finance. It emphasizes the need for more rapid reform in three broad areas: enabling the sector to better support the UK economy, improving its international competitiveness, and mapping the role it can play in developing global cooperation and partnerships.

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Apr 21, 2022

Two years in: Assessing US and Euro area’s pandemic fiscal responses

By Jeff Goldstein

Policymakers should examine their country’s fiscal policy infrastructure to ensure both approaches can be efficiently utilized during a future crisis.

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