Fri, Apr 2, 2021

Decoupling/reshoring versus dual circulation: Competing strategies for security and influences

Increasing competition between the US and China, on issues ranging from trade to technology, is leading to a bifurcation of the global economy into two systems. How do the different strategies (decoupling vs dual circulation) pursued by the US and China match up?

Issue Brief by Hung Tran

China Digital Policy

Mon, Mar 29, 2021

Africa’s real strategic import for the green economy

Among its efforts to address climate change, the Biden administration has laid out an ambitious agenda for a clean energy revolution. This will require significant quantities of raw materials. And here the African continent has an important role to play.

AfricaSource by J. Peter Pham

Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tue, Mar 23, 2021

InfraCorp set to attract global investors to Nigerian infrastructure

On Tuesday, March 23, the Africa Center hosted, in partnership with the US-Nigeria Council, a panel on investing in infrastructure in Nigeria, featuring a launch of the new and innovative Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria (InfraCorp).

Event Recap by Africa Center

Africa Economy & Business

Tue, Mar 2, 2021

Lakhani joins Clubhouse to discuss the importance of Spotify Launch in Pakistan

In the News by Atlantic Council

Digital Policy Economy & Business

Sun, Feb 28, 2021

Why the US can’t afford to fall behind in the global digital currency race

The Federal Reserve worries about being too hasty in introducing a digital dollar, given the stakes as the world’s reserve currency. The greater geopolitical danger, however, is how quickly the Fed is falling behind.

Digital currencies by Frederick Kempe

China Digital Currencies

Tue, Feb 16, 2021

This economic crisis is also a crisis for democracy

The COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting economic damage across the world. And that damage may be having an insidious knock-on effect: eroding faith in democracy, especially among young people.

New Atlanticist by Amanda Dickerson

Economy & Business Inclusive Growth

Fri, Feb 5, 2021

Developing countries are sinking in a world awash in cash. Here’s what the US can do.

Economic policy built on hope is bound to disappoint. What is needed is grant aid that does not increase debt burdens—and leadership based on a clear understanding of the problems facing countries rich and poor. That is where the Biden administration is positioned to make a difference.

New Atlanticist by Jeremy Mark and Vasuki Shastry

Africa Coronavirus

Wed, Feb 3, 2021

Fried on NPR on American responses to Navalny’s arrest

In the News by Daniel Fried

Eastern Europe Economic Sanctions

Mon, Feb 1, 2021

Lipsky and Wechsler in MarketWatch: The GameStop saga is a road map for the Kremlin and other enemies of America — here’s why

In the News by Josh Lipsky, William F. Wechsler

Economy & Business International Markets

Tue, Jan 26, 2021

Why funding America’s local governments could have a global impact

Now that Joe Biden has entered the White House with a razor-thin Democratic majority in Congress, the United States has an opening as narrow as the eye of a needle to contribute meaningfully to a global economic recovery. But they still face an uphill battle to secure resources for local governments.

New Atlanticist by Benjamin H. Bradlow

Coronavirus Economy & Business


Wed, May 12, 2021

China’s Digital Currency: Threat or tempest in a teapot?

Online Event China’s ambition for its new digital currency has become a hotly debated – and often misunderstood – issue in Washington and beyond. This discussion takes an objective look at the future of the digital yuan and its implications for the global economy.

2:30pm China Digital Currencies Digital Policy International Markets