Inflection Points Today

Jan 25, 2024

How the prospect of a second Trump presidency is already shaping geopolitics

By Frederick Kempe

Look around the world, and you’ll find dozens of examples of the Trump hedge and put.

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Jan 22, 2024

Gissou Nia testifies to House Committee on Homeland Security, and subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement & Intelligence

By Gissou Nia

Gissou Nia highlights the issue of addressing transnational repression threats to homeland security.

Defense Policy International Norms


Jan 18, 2024

Ukraine seeks future role as EU’s eastern customs hub

By Vladyslav Suvorov

The ongoing reform of Ukraine’s customs service and the implementation of EU standards are fundamental for the country’s further European integration, writes Vladyslav Suvorov.

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Jan 16, 2024

Confident Putin boasts of Russian “conquests” in Ukraine

By Peter Dickinson

Vladimir Putin is now openly referring to "Russian conquests" in Ukraine as he grows visibly in confidence amid mounting signs of Western weakness, writes Peter Dickinson.

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Inflection Points Today

Jan 12, 2024

Xi’s biggest problem isn’t Taiwan

By Frederick Kempe

Taiwan's free elections expose the Chinese leader's challenges at home.

China Elections
An aerial view of Quito, Ecuador


Jan 12, 2024

2024 predictions: How ten issues could shape the year in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

How will the region ride a new wave of changing economic and political dynamics? Will the region sizzle or fizzle? Join in and be a part of our ten-question poll on the future of LAC.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 4, 2024

Why is the UN secretary-general so worried about Gaza but not Ukraine?

By Pierre Goldschmidt

António Guterres should apply the same standard to Ukraine as he did to Gaza and put forward a Security Council resolution addressing Russia's nuclear threats.

Conflict Europe & Eurasia


Dec 22, 2023

How to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable in European courts

By Gissou Nia, Celeste Kmiotek, Lisandra Novo, Alyssa T. Yamamoto

While there are no viable domestic routes toward accountability within Iran, national judicial systems in other states present an alternative path to justice. This report examines prospects for initiating prosecutions against IRI perpetrators in European jurisdictions.

Human Rights International Norms

Global China

Dec 20, 2023

Global China Newsletter: Staying on track? Girding for a challenging year in US-China relations

By Dexter Tiff Roberts

The December 2023 edition of the Global China newsletter.

China Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Dec 9, 2023

Declaring things to make them real: 75 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

By John Cotton Richmond

The rights declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have stood the test of time and are as meaningful today as ever before.

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