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Press and members call

Press and members call

Feb 28, 2020

Atlantic Council press call: The coronavirus and its growing global consequences

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally at a rapid pace, the US and the international community are facing a potentially historic global public health crisis with vast potential geopolitical and economic implications. United States national security and health authorities are bracing for an impending outbreak, as sizable outbreaks continue to surface across several continents. What are the likely trajectories for the virus? What might be the most important geopolitical impacts? How can we strengthen our resilience against this set of threats?

Press and members call

Jan 8, 2020

Atlantic Council press call: What will follow the US strike on Major General Soleimani?

By Atlantic Council

This development will influence US engagement with Iran and partners in the region and its knock-on effects may very well manifest in the cyber domain. What type of de-escalatory engagement should we expect between the US and Iran following the assassination of Soleimani? What types of responses, both kinetic and cyber, can we expect from Iran, a country in need of appearing powerful to its allies and adversaries?

Cybersecurity Iran

Press and members call

Dec 4, 2019

Atlantic Council press call: Unpacking the NATO Leaders’ Meeting

By Atlantic Council

On Wednesday, December 4, transatlantic leaders gather in London for the NATO Leaders’ Meeting. Marking the 70th anniversary of the military alliance, the meeting is an opportunity to take stock of NATO’s progress over the last three major summits and discuss how to transform the Alliance for the future. The summit will come at a tense time for the Alliance, with allies divided over issues such as trade, burden-sharing, Syria, and Iran, while the meeting’s host country will be only a few days away from a general election. Following the summit and rounding off NATO’s historic 70th anniversary year, Amb. Alexander Vershbow, Chris Skaluba, and Andrew Marshall, discuss key takeaways from the Leaders Meeting and priorities for the NATO alliance moving forward.

NATO Security & Defense