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New Atlanticist

Dec 22, 2022

Why Ecuador’s president announced his re-election plans in Washington

By Isabel Chiriboga

At an event co-hosted by the Atlantic Council at the Inter-American Dialogue, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso announce his plans to run for re-election in 2025—and hinted that Washington could be a useful campaign ally.

Americas Economy & Business


Dec 20, 2022

What might be ahead for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2023? Take our ten-question poll and see how your answers stack up

By Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

How will the region ride a new wave of changing economic and political dynamics? Will the region sizzle or fizzle? Join in and be a part of our ten-question poll on the future of LAC.

Brazil Caribbean

New Atlanticist

Dec 19, 2022

As China’s influence grows, Biden needs to supercharge trade with Ecuador

By Isabel Chiriboga

Monday's White House meeting between Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso and US President Joe Biden is a golden opportunity to push mutually beneficial trade talks.

Americas China

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Dec 17, 2022

Aviso LatAm: December 17, 2022

Peru's president ousted after attempt to dissolve Congress

Brazil Caribbean

Issue Brief

Dec 15, 2022

Road to the tenth North American Leaders’ Summit: Spotlight on competitiveness and supply chains

By María Fernanda Bozmoski, Jacob Kaufhold, and Isabel Chiriboga

North American competitiveness and supply chains are at an inflection point. The three leaders must take the momentum of the last meeting and continue to advance key priorities. In an increasingly complicated global context, close collaboration and partnership on all fronts is key.

Experts react

Dec 7, 2022

Experts react: Peru’s president was removed from office after a failed power grab. Now what?

By Atlantic Council experts

As Pedro Castillo heads for the exits, our Latin America experts break down all the constitutional chaos.

Americas Corruption


Dec 7, 2022

Improving tax policy in Latin America and the Caribbean: A balancing act

By Felipe Larraín B., Pepe Zhang

This publication outlines evidence-based actions to boost tax revenues, reduce deficits, and encourage robust, fair, and equitable economic development.

Americas Economy & Business

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Dec 3, 2022

Aviso LatAm: December 3, 2022

Latin America and the Caribbean's stagnation is 'worse than the 1980s'

Brazil Caribbean

Experts react

Nov 27, 2022

Experts react: As the US eases oil sanctions, is Venezuela coming in from the cold?

By Atlantic Council experts

With Chevron expanding operations and talks ongoing between the government and the opposition, what’s next for Venezuela? Our experts drill down on the details.

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business

Issue Brief

Nov 16, 2022

The future of immunization financing in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Miguel Betancourt-Cravioto and Pepe Zhang

This issue brief outlines outlines recommendations for national immunization programs to promptly recover from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and continue on a path to effectively protect the health and well-being of region’s populations.

Americas Latin America