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Through purposeful and thought-provoking live conversations, #ACLeaders shapes the conversation among key stakeholders (policymakers, business leaders, media, and civil society) about key challenges and opportunities facing Latin America today. Guest speakers include heads of state, ministers, chiefs of international institutions, and distinguished business leaders across the region. Previous guests have included: President Iván Duque of Colombia and Interim President Juan Guaidó of Venezuela.

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President of Guatemala Alejandro Giammattei

Due to COVID-19, Guatemala has been under a mandatory nationwide quarantine for the past two months. President Alejandro Giammattei, who took office only four months ago, has responded to the crisis with a series of measures including over $1.6 billion in economic aid through ten new programs, such as food and electricity subsidies, employment protections, and direct payments. Still, Guatemala, with the second most cases in Central America, faces a public health crisis alongside its own economic challenges. How can Central America’s largest nation balance health and economic priorities? What is Guatemala’s post-COVID-19 plan for economic reactivation? What roles can the government, private sector, and the international community play?

Read about the event in the New Atlanticist

New Atlanticist

May 21, 2020

Guatemalan president criticizes US over lack of COVID-19 assistance

By Larry Luxner

“Guatemala is an ally of the United States, but I don’t believe the US is an ally to Guatemala, because they don’t treat us like one,” he said. “We’ve seen how they’ve assisted other countries with ventilators, and we haven’t even gotten a dime from them—not even one single mask from the United States. We don’t feel appreciated.”

Coronavirus Migration

Interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó

In the midst of the greatest man-made crisis in the Western Hemisphere, the coronavirus outbreak poses critical new challenges for Venezuela’s fragile population. Interim President Juan Guaidó continues to push for a better future for Venezuelans and has recently called for the formation of a national emergency government. What are the interim government’s next steps to face the worsening pandemic? What avenues is the interim government willing to pursue for a peaceful democratic transition?

Read about the event in the New Atlanticist

New Atlanticist

Apr 23, 2020

Coronavirus will worsen Venezuela’s emergency, interim president says

By David A. Wemer

“This right now is an unprecedented emergency,” Guaidó said during an April 23 event with the Atlantic Council moderated by journalist and CBS news contributor María Elena Salinas. “Venezuela cannot survive both a pandemic and a famine,” he explained.

Coronavirus Democratic Transitions

President of Colombia Iván Duque

As Colombia enters week four of mandatory quarantine, the government continues to implement measures to protect public health and alleviate the economic and social impacts of social distancing. President Duque has begun to talk about a “strategic quarantine” (cuarentena inteligente) and an “accordion strategy.” These two strategies will allow Colombia to gradually reactivate its economy while also prioritizing public health. Finding a balance between these two crucial objectives has become the government’s main goal.

Read about the event in the New Atlanticist

New Atlanticist

Apr 14, 2020

President Duque outlines how Colombia is handling dual coronavirus challenges

By David A. Wemer

For most countries around the world, the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has strained resources and demanded singular attention from policymakers. For Colombia, this new crisis must also be juggled with the ongoing collapse of neighboring Venezuela, which has already seen 2 million Venezuelans seek refuge in Colombia. “We have had to manage two crises at the same time,” President Iván Duque explained on April 14, which forced Colombia to take drastic measures to contain coronavirus earlier than many of its neighbors.

Colombia Coronavirus