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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is being adopted at a rapid pace across sectors as varied as manufacturing, disaster resilience, education, and healthcare. As AI becomes increasingly widespread, governments and technologists around the world are weighing the manifold risks and opportunities it presents, as well as its potential impacts on equity, civil rights, and safety. A key trend in the field of artificial intelligence is the shift towards “responsible AI,” which prioritizes a set of core principles including human-centered design, transparency, and accountability to ensure that AI is both used and designed with public benefit in mind. Organizations from across the public and private sectors are working to create methods for policymakers to promote responsible AI, and for technologists to build the principles of responsible AI into their products from the earliest stages of development. The GeoTech Center works with governments, civil society, academia, and the private sector to develop and promote both policy and practice of responsible AI, globally, across cultural, economic, and social contexts.

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