Shaping the Future of Technology and Data together to advance people, planet, prosperity, and peace.

Vision and purpose

Emerging technologies—namely artificial intelligence, biotech, satellites, and quantum computing, among others—are transforming our lives. Furthermore, the rapid adoption, innovation, and convergence of these technologies means that their influence will expand, accelerate, and evolve in unforeseeable ways.

Throughout history, advancements in technology have served as critical inflection points, creating new opportunities for human benefit that increased prosperity, longevity, and innovation; however, technology has also contributed to human harm by escalating conflict, inequality, and disruption. The present moment, however, is a time like no other: the power of today’s technology, the abundance of information, the scale of institutions, and the exponential pace of change is unprecedented and raises considerable social, economic, and geopolitical challenges with which both policymakers and technologists must grapple.

Decision makers ultimately face two questions: how best to shepherd technological development for the benefit of humanity so that innovation and human progress are balanced with responsible use and development? And, how best to ensure that those who advocate for technological development, regardless of the human and planetary cost are constrained.

The Atlantic Council GeoTech Center was created to aid policymakers and technologists in addressing these questions. The Center seeks to provide them with diverse stakeholder perspectives on “tech for good” and pragmatic approaches to the geopolitics of technological change.

The GeoTech Center Team