The Atlantic Council GeoTech Center believes the Global Food System can be made more shock-resistant and scale to ensuring that everyone on the planet is fed. As a committed “learn, do, adapt” tank focused on projects at the nexus of data, new tech, and geopolitics, the Center believes data and technology can reduce disruptions to food production, distribution, and assurance activities locally and globally. These activities are consistent with the Center’s focused mission: Championing positive paths forward that nations, economies, and societies can pursue to ensure new technologies and data empower people, prosperity, and peace.

Though some nations and regions have been faster to respond than others, there still is a looming global food crisis and a challenge of logistics and distribution. There is also a concern that some more authoritarian or unstable regions of the world may intentionally deprive groups of food, which is not moral or right.

Technology and data can make sure the food that is available to people who need it—as well as work to address food currently being destroyed because it cannot get to market instead reaches those who need it. We must work together to avoid the destabilizing effects that regional famines could bring to the world.

Past events


Upcoming events

The GeoTech Center is planning a multi-day agritech event series in mid-November that will assemble some of the brightest thought leaders in agriculture, data science, and technology.

Day 1: The security and resilience of the global food system

  • Food security, food safety, and the supply chain
  • Water security
  • Nutrition
  • Climate change

Day 2: Agritech as a cascading system of systems

  • Food policy and genetics
  • Food waste
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Protecting crops/endangered species

Day 3: Sustainibly feeding entire world

  • Agricultural, trade, and new technologies
  • Addressing food deserts/regulatory environment
  • Access to tech and related challenges with solutions and networks
  • Communication strategies among agriculture orgs using tech