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SYPAQ’s Corvo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the cardboard drones that Ukraine’s forces have been reportedly used to attack Russian targets. SYPAQ/2023.

New Atlanticist

Sep 14, 2023

Ukraine’s drone strikes are a window into the future of warfare

By Mark Jacobsen

Kyiv’s innovations will usher in a new generation of do-it-yourself drone technology, making their use a routine feature of warfare.

Conflict Defense Policy

New Atlanticist

Aug 25, 2023

Here’s what F-16s will (and will not) mean for Ukraine’s fight against Russia 

By Clementine G. Starling, Jacob Mezey, and Holly Ryan

The Netherlands and Denmark have announced they will send F-16s to Ukraine as soon as training is complete, and the United States has unveiled new plans to train Ukrainian pilots and ground crew.

Conflict Defense Policy

Strategic Insights Memo

Aug 18, 2023

Employing artificial intelligence and the edge continuum for joint operations

By James E. Cartwright and Jags Kandasamy

In Spring 2023, experts from the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security’s Forward Defense program and Latent AI convened for discussions on employing artificial intelligence for joint operations. This memo builds upon takeaways and insights gleaned from those meetings.

Artificial Intelligence Defense Technologies

New Atlanticist

Aug 16, 2023

Indian Ocean partnerships are key to countering China’s maritime ambitions

By Delharty Manson and Nicholas Nuñez

The United States must strengthen its ties to Indian Ocean nations to counter China’s maritime presence in the Indo-Pacific.

China India

New Atlanticist

Aug 10, 2023

The British Army’s chief of the general staff: How to build an all-volunteer force fit for the twenty-first century

By Patrick Sanders

The British Army will need to enhance its recruitment strategy to build an all-volunteer force fit for twenty-first century conflicts.

Defense Policy Security & Defense

New Atlanticist

Aug 3, 2023

Congress should fund the nuclear sea-launched cruise missile

By Robert Soofer and Walter B. Slocombe

The deployment of SLCM-Ns would send a clear message to adversary and ally alike that the United States maintains the resolve and capabilities to respond to any foe’s nuclear use.

Nuclear Deterrence Security & Defense

New Atlanticist

Jul 26, 2023

NATO has a new plan to ramp up defense production. Is it enough?

By Rob Murray

Underreported coming out of the Vilnius Summit, the Alliance’s Defense Production Action Plan has the potential to transform how allies acquire what they need to defend themselves.

Defense Industry Defense Policy
Fighters of Wagner private mercenary group pull out of the headquarters of the Southern Military District to return to base, in the city of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, June 24, 2023. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

New Atlanticist

Jun 24, 2023

Experts react: What Russia’s Wagner Group rebellion means for Putin, Ukraine, China, and more

By Atlantic Council experts

How did Prigozhin’s rebellion get as far as it did? And how will its aftermath affect Putin’s hold on power and the war in Ukraine?

Belarus China

New Atlanticist

Jun 14, 2023

Before embarking on arms control talks, Biden needs a nuclear deal with Congress

By Robert Soofer

The White House and Congress disagree over the type and number of nuclear weapons needed to deter Russia, China, North Korea, and potentially Iran.

Arms Control China

New Atlanticist

Jun 7, 2023

Export controls: A surprising key to strengthening UK-US military collaboration

By Deborah Cheverton

US allies have been quietly frustrated for decades about the indiscriminate and extraterritorial application of export controls, in particular the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Arms Control Defense Industry

New Atlanticist

May 31, 2023

Will the debt ceiling deal mean less for homeland security?

By Thomas S. Warrick

Congress needs to ensure that the Department of Homeland Security has the resources it needs to defend the nation against nonmilitary threats.

Cybersecurity National Security

Fast Thinking

May 25, 2023

Biden’s pick for joint chiefs chairman sends a message to China

By Atlantic Council

US President Joe Biden is nominating Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown as the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Atlantic Council experts share their insights on the pick.

Indo-Pacific Maritime Security

Hybrid Conflict Project

May 19, 2023

Starling joins Irregular Warfare Initiative podcast to discuss gray zone conflict

By Atlantic Council

Clementine Starling explains how the gray zone fits into US policy making and doctrine.

Australia China

New Atlanticist

May 16, 2023

Money talks: Here’s what the president’s budget says about the US military edge

By Clementine G. Starling, Marek Jestrab, Julia Siegel

Biden’s $886-billion request for defense-related activities may be insufficient to meet the moment.

China Crisis Management

New Atlanticist

Apr 26, 2023

Experts react: The US and South Korea strike a deal on nuclear weapons. What’s next for the alliance?

By Atlantic Council experts

US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol are navigating political tensions around nuclear weapons and microchips to find a common future.

Indo-Pacific Korea

Hybrid Conflict Project

Apr 21, 2023

What Russia’s war in Ukraine shows the US about hybrid conflict with China

By Gray Zone Task Force experts

As China weighs whether to adjust its tactics to avoid Russia’s failures, the US can look to Ukraine’s and the West’s successes for lessons on how to counter Chinese aggression.

China Russia


Apr 17, 2023

Clementine Starling and Stephen Rodriguez write op-ed in Defense News on the Atlantic Council Commission Defense Innovation Adoption’s interim report

By Atlantic Council

Forward Defense Director Clementine Starling and FD Senior Advisor Stephen Rodriguez emphasize that the United States does not have an innovation adoption, but the US Department of Defense has an innovation adoption problem. To address this, they discuss in this Defense News piece the findings and key recommendations of the Atlantic Council Commission on Defense […]

Americas Defense Industry

New Atlanticist

Mar 23, 2023

Maybe Putin should be worried: Most leaders facing international justice don’t get away free

By Thomas S. Warrick

Nearly all of the heads of state and military leaders wanted by international justice in recent decades have been brought before a court or faced ‘rough justice.’

Conflict Europe & Eurasia

New Atlanticist

Mar 14, 2023

What’s next for the US-UK-Australia submarine partnership?

By Atlantic Council experts

Dive into the details of the AUKUS submarine partnership just announced in San Diego by US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Australia Defense Technologies

New Atlanticist

Feb 28, 2023

What we learned from the Russia-China-South Africa military drills

By Atlantic Council experts

Why did these three nations get together? What’s in it for South Africa? Our experts set sail with the answers.

Africa China


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