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Reality Check

Apr 6, 2022

Reality Check #11: America’s Indo-Pacific strategy requires tough choices

By Kelly A. Grieco

The Biden administration will need to scrutinize key assumptions and confront hard decisions regarding how to keep ends and means in balance in the Indo-Pacific.

Africa Conflict

Engagement Reframed

Mar 24, 2022

Engagement Reframed #5: Deploy America’s secret diplomatic superstars

By Evan Cooper

How the United States can leverage its immense musical talent for diplomatic benefit

Africa Americas

In the News

Mar 22, 2022

Darnal at the Chicago Council: The Sahel and Western military assistance in Africa

By Atlantic Council

On March 22, Aude Darnal participated in a panel discussion on the future of the Sahel and Western military assistance in Africa. She advocated for reforming US security sector assistance, a redirection of funding from DoD to DoS, and greater emphasis on supporting locally-led long-term security sector governance and civilian-led initiatives aiming to prevent violent […]

Africa English

In the News

Mar 22, 2022

Lipsky quoted in the Wall Street Journal on global development of CBDCs

Read the full article here.

Africa Digital Currencies

New Atlanticist

Mar 15, 2022

Africa’s sports industry is revving up. It will fuel a generation of young leaders.

By Katherine Walla

Here are highlights from the Africa Center's Sports Business Forum which covered everything from optimizing youth talent across Africa to fostering inclusion in sports.

Africa Economy & Business


Mar 7, 2022

Quel avenir pour le Sahel?

By Richard Cincotta and Stephen Smith

Le Sahel est dans une impasse démographique. S’ils veulent sortir de l’impasse actuelle, les gouvernements sahéliens devront réorienter une partie importante de leurs efforts de développement et moyens financiers vers des politiques et programmes visant à améliorer la condition féminine : en prévenant les mariages et grossesses précoces chez les adolescentes, en promouvant l’éducation des filles et en garantissant la pleine participation des femmes dans tous les secteurs publics et privés, à commencer par les lieux de travail.

Africa Energy & Environment
Facebook logo displayed on a phone screen and Russian flag displayed on a screen in the background.

New Atlanticist

Mar 2, 2022

Russian Hybrid War Report: Social platforms crack down on Kremlin media as Kremlin demands compliance

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Google, Meta, and Twitter are taking action against Russian state-owned media accounts to limit the spread of harmful information online.

Africa Belarus

In the News

Mar 2, 2022

Sullivan quoted in Al-Monitor on Nile Dam conflict amid Ukraine crisis

Africa Economy & Business

Press Release

Feb 28, 2022

Atlantic Council and SEED Project to Host Sports Business Forum of Dakar

A unique platform dedicated to the exceptional African cultural power including sports featuring young talents, senior officials, sports business executives, investors, and legends from the sports industry


In the News

Feb 25, 2022

Farrand joins The New Arab to discuss pro-democracy movements in Algeria and the future of human rights

By Atlantic Council

Human Rights Middle East